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James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C. Fees



The majority of our initial consultations are performed at no cost to prospective clients.  This gives clients the opportunity to determine if they “like what they see” regarding the firm and it allows the attorneys to determine if the potential case or legal task is one that the firm would like to pursue on behalf of the client. 

The firm of James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C., strives to provide quality legal services for fees received.  Fees are typically based on the amount of time spent with the rate being based upon the attorney involved in handling the matter and the corresponding experience of that attorney, the complexity and skill required for the task at hand and similar factors.  However, fees can also be based upon a flat rate, as for simple wills and non-contested divorces, and they are, at times, based on a contingency fee basis as in personal injury actions, wrongful death actions and actions seeking redress for the bad-faith dealing of insurance companies.   

Fees are discussed fully at initial conferences with clients. 

Please call, write or email if we can be of service to you.

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