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Statement Of Services


James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C., is a firm primarily serving Douglas, Elbert, Arapahoe, El Paso and Denver Counties.  However, we have and do appear in all counties in the State of Colorado.  The firm offers Colorado residents a full-service practice that provides services in the following areas: 

 *Domestic relations/custody/divorce/alimony   *Personal Injury

 *Criminal defense (felony/misdemeanor)         *Business law

 *Insurance wrongs                                           *General civil litigation (contract disputes, collections, ect.)

 *Landlord/Tenant law                                       *Juvenile Matters                            


Our firm strongly believes that our clients are best served by the prevention of legal problems through careful and thorough advice given prior to their entering into transactions and business arrangements.  However, when a legal problem does arise, clients are assisted in finding the most practical and cost-effective solution, which may or may not include litigation. 


1.         Domestic Relations, Dissolution of Marriage, Custody Disputes

The firm of James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C., offers comprehensive services in the area of domestic relations or family law.  Specifically, the firm initiates and defends against every facet of dissolution of marriage actions including, but not limited to:  custody, visitation (parenting time), child support and alimony (spousal maintenance), division of property/division of debts (equitable distribution), domestic violence; restraining orders; protective orders (pursuing and defending). 

In the area of family law, we usually offer free initial consultations that fully inform our clients of the issues to be addressed in a dissolution proceeding and which give prospective clients the opportunity to choose their attorney after learning about that attorney’s personal philosophy concerning the handling of a complex and important divorce matter.

 2.         Criminal Defense, Traffic Tickets, DUI or DWAI, Felonies and Misdemeanors

Our firm has extensive experience in all types of criminal defense work from minor traffic infractions, misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, to capital murder trials.  Due to the relatively low crime rate enjoyed by the citizens of this State, most of our criminal defense work involves defending against DUI charges, juvenile crime matters, misdemeanors and traffic infractions.  However, certain members of the firm possess extensive experience in major felony defense work. 

3.         Personal Injury:

The firm of James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C., helps clients who have been injured due to the negligence of others in traffic accidents and other types of accidents.  Additionally, the firm will assist when the negligence of others causes a wrongful death to occur.  These types of actions are handled on a contingency basis and unless we recover money for the clients, nothing is owed to the firm for services rendered on your behalf.

4.        Civil Litigation

James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C., is staffed by attorneys who take cases to trial when necessary.  These types of matters range from contract disputes, collection matters and cases where insurance companies refuse to deal fairly with their customers.  With regard to insurance bad-faith cases, our Colorado laws provide that the prevailing party collects three times the amount of actual damages plus costs and attorney fees.  Consequently, bad-faith cases are cases that can and should be pursued aggressively when they occur, unfortunately, on an "all-too-frequent" basis.  Litigation also encompasses contract disputes, collection work, and other similar matters.

5.        Insurance Bad Faith:

Your insurance company must deal fairly with you when you have a claim.  This is known as the "duty of good faith."  When insurers fail to promptly and fairly settle your claim (i.e., they fail to properly compensate you for your loss), when they fail to properly investigate your claim and when the fail to promptly respond to you regarding your claim, they may have acted in bad faith.  If this can be proven, our laws provide triple damages and attorney fees.  James M. Maggard & Associates, P.C., actively pursues these claims on behalf of our clients.

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